PROGRAM NOTE: The WROK playback system is currently out of commission.  Live meetings will still are at their regular times. For replays you can see them on the WROK Youtube channel or click on the video link that is attached to that meetings agenda on the agenda page at Meetings will be uploaded to both websites as soon as possible.    

WROK has been producing programming for the City of Royal Oak Cable TV since 1985. WROK programming blocks start at 4pm, Midnight and 10am. Meetings are generally re-run at 7pm, midnight and noon.

Programming is subject to change without notice. The most up to date program schedule can be found on our bulletin board which can be seen during non-programming hours. Programming updates and special notices can be found on our Facebook page at!/pages/WROK-Cable-TV/135332769654

WROK reserves the right to change the program schedule without notice.

WROK Program Guide