Community Coalition


The Royal Oak Community Coalition (ROCC) is a grass-roots 501c3 organization that seeks to create sustainable community systems that curb illegal access and reduce use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Substance abuse is a complex social and health problem that requires community wide solutions.

The ROCC serves as catalysis for building collaborative opportunities, leveraging resources, and provides technical assistance utilizing the application of evidence-based practices to foster a healthier community. The ROCC advocates for social norms that value community conditions which strengthen young people while challenging the conditions that weaken them.

Along with the community we achieve positive, measurable, and sustainable change! Our Coalition's accomplishments are a result of combined community efforts led though a 15 member board. For 30 years, ROCC has been actively supported by businesses, schools, health care, parents, and other leading citizens in our efforts to educate, advocate and strive for a drug-free community.

Who We Are

Established in 1983, the Royal Oak Community Coalition (formerly known as the Royal Oak Prevention Coalition) has grown from humble beginnings of 9 close knit volunteers to an organization licensed by the State of Michigan Department of Community Health, receiving federal funding and county funding, employing three part-time staff members, two independent consultants, governed by 15 elected board members, with over 160 organizational sponsors, project partners and active volunteers, all who contribute annually their time, energy and dedication to achieve a dynamic and powerful organization serving Royal Oak and beyond.

Our Mission Statement

To promote through collaboration, a healthy community, free of substance abuse for youth and those who live in, work in and /or visit Royal Oak.

Three Goals Guide Our Work

  1. Strengthen Coalition infrastructure and efficiencies
  2. Recruit alliances to ensure engagement by supporters, partners and volunteers
  3. Curb illegal access and reduce use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs using evidence-based strategies.

Our Framework

Decades of research on why some young people have a successful life and why other struggle, laid the foundation for the creation of the Search Institute Healthy Youth – Healthy Communities, which consisting of 40 building blocks all young people need to grow up to be competent, caring, and responsible individuals. This strength – based approach guides our mind-set to ask, ‘What community condition strengthen our young people, as well as, what conditions weaken them.’

To ascertain what these conditions are, we administer biennially student and parent surveys. We also acquire other community data from a variety of local, county and state sources. We host Community Dialogue Days, which involve students and community leaders and strategic planning meetings.

Our federal evaluator assists in a careful study of the acquire data and provide guidance of strategic planning sessions to identify those strategies that best address the needs of our young people.


Royal Oak Community Coalition receives the 2014 prevention organization of the year award presented by the Michigan Prevention Network.