Report Street Light /Traffic Signal Outages

Dear Customer,

During these summer months there are longer days, school is out and streetlights tend to be forgotten. The same is true with athletic fields and other areas that aren’t occupied while the public schools are on summer break. In fact, our records show that these types of outages usually go unreported until September or October.

During these autumn months we are in the peak time of outage volumes which leads to an increase in time for us to respond. By reporting outages early, you beat the autumn rush and ensure illuminated streets for your community and local children’s safety on sidewalks, at bus stops and schools. That’s why it’s important that you help Detroit Edison Community Lighting identify outages.

We are encouraging community residents, department of public works, police, and fire personnel to report outages as soon as they are noticed. Reporting early will help us all work together to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Thank you in advance for your hard work on behalf of local school children and citizens. Please report your outages on the Street Lighting Trouble Report Web Page.

If you have any questions, please contact your respective streetlight analyst.


Detroit Edison Community Lighting

Updated April 27, 2012.