Email Notification Service

Sign up here for our email and digital subscription service. Subscribers will receive email notifications about City of Royal Oak news, events, meetings and other information including police alerts. Royal Oak City News is one tool in the City’s efforts to use the internet to communicate with citizens. "We spend a great deal of time and energy creating content for the City’s website, but we needed a way to be more proactive in communicating when new and important information was available. That’s why we created an email notification list", Information Systems Manager Scott Newman said.

The City plans to reach the public with day-to-day information and possibly alert the citizens about more urgent issues such as snow emergencies and crime alerts. “We think the email notification service can be a very important and extremely cost effective tool for communicating with the citizens,” added City Manager Donald E Johnson. “Our cost to provide this service is miniscule and the marginal cost to service additional subscribers is almost zero. Scott has this system set up so citizens can subscribe or unsubscribe to the service without any staff involvement.”

More than 100 million American adults use email and more than 50 million check their email on a regular basis. According to a recent Pew Internet & American Life Project Tracking Survey, Internet users are four times more likely to check e-mail on any given day than to visit a government website. Email has become a vital communication tool and effective communications with the public is vital to the operations of the City.

Royal Oak also uses traditional methods for communicating with homeowners associations, neighborhood watch groups, library friends, historical groups, senior groups and others by using pamphlets and special mailers like the quarterly "Insight" newsletter. Newman said, "We’ve been working hard to provide those same items online. We know a lot of that paper hits the recycling bins right away and is gone, but if it’s on the website, it can be retrieved at any time."



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