Tax Deferment

Summer Tax Deferment

You can delay payment of this bill without penalty or interest until February 14th if your total household income for the previous was under $40,000 and you are classified as one of the following:

  • Age 62 or older, including the unremarried surviving spouse of a person who was 62 years of age or older at the time of death.
  • A paraplegic, quadriplegic, blind or totally and permanently disabled person
  • A service person currently serving in the military with household income less than $7,500
  • A veteran who:
    1. receives compensation for a service-related disability or
    2. served in the military during the Vietnam era, Korean War, World War II, World War I or earlier wars and has household income of $7,500 or less
  • An unremarried surviving spouse of any serviceperson or veteran who:
    1. met veteran qualification above, or
    2. died while serving in the military

If you qualify for a deferment, bring the completed form AND a copy of your MI 1040-CR (Michigan Homestead Property Tax Credit - for the previous year) to the City Treasurer’s Office, so that your deferral can be approved.

Click on the following link to download and print a tax deferment form for Royal Oak:

   Application for Deferment of Summer Taxes (form is in Adobe pdf format)

Check here for Frequently Asked Questions about summer tax deferment.

You can also check with the Michigan Department of Treasury at for tax forms and additional instructions.

Deferment forms are not valid if they have not been approved by the City Treasurer’s Office on or before mid-September.

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