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Police Chief, Corrigan O'Donohue

Mission Statement: "To Keep Royal Oak Safe".

Vision Statement: "To build Michigan's premier police agency that is a recognized leader for efficiency, effectiveness, innovation, and public safety".

2015 Royal Oak Police Department Annual Report

Address: 221 E Third St, Royal Oak MI 48067

Phone Numbers:

Criminal Investigation:
Records & Identification:
Animal Shelter:
Animal Control:
Snow Emergency Line: Administration/Chief's Office:
(248) 246-3500
(248) 246-3515
(248) 246-3530
(248) 246-3364
(248) 246-3500
(248) 246-3442
(248) 246-3525

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You can help solve serious crimes. If you have information about a crime you want to share anonymously, call Crime Stoppers of Southeast Michigan at 1-800-SPEAK UP.
Crimstoppers Logo for Southeast Michigan  http://1800speakup.org

Core Values:

“Integrity”:  The Royal Oak Police Department will strive to maintain the highest level of moral values and standards of conduct while demonstrating fairness and equality to those we serve. Integrity is the cornerstone of our profession. It is a sacred quality that is essential to maintain public trust and mutual respect. The Royal Oak Police department will be steadfast in adherence to a code of moral excellence and incorruptibility. We will maintain a standard of conduct that reinforces the ideals of honesty, accountability and pledge to hold ourselves to the highest legal, moral and ethical standards.

"Service”:  The Royal Oak Police Department will demonstrate the desire to contribute to the welfare of others by responding appropriately to the needs and demands of the community. We will put service before self and strive for excellence in all we do. We are committed to faithfully and selflessly performing our duties with the goal of enhancing public safety and reducing the fear of crime. We are dedicated to working with the public to ensure the highest level of service and feeling of security for those we serve.

“Courage”:  The Royal Oak Police Department will maintain the strength of mind, body and spirit to encounter and withstand danger, fear or difficulty, with fairness and surety of purpose. We will confront difficult situations with confidence and determination to overcome any obstacle put before us. We will put the safety of others above our own and will not hesitate to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

“Compassion”:  The Royal Oak Police Department will be ever mindful and conscientious of the emotional and physical well being of all those we strive to protect. We will be understanding and by deed, assuage suffering and provide consolation to all those affected by, or involved in the criminal justice process. We will be pillars of fairness and by example provide solace and an atmosphere where all citizens are equal and protected.  

“Loyalty”:  The Royal Oak Police Department will be faithful to the highest ideals of law enforcement. We will be loyal to the community in action and deed with the understanding the safety of the citizens of Royal Oak is our primary mission. We will maintain an unwavering allegiance to the law, our profession and those we serve and protect.


Important Information:

Proper use of 911. Dialing 911 activates the Police and Fire emergency response system. The use of 911 is reserved for situations where life or property is in immediate danger. All requests for medical or fire response should be made by dialing 911. For questions or routine requests for police response, dial (248) 246-3500.

Ban on Texting While Driving: The statute amends the Michigan Vehicle Code to prohibit a person from reading, typing or sending text messages using a wireless two-way communication device, including a wireless phone located in a person's hand or lap, while operating a moving motor vehicle on a street or highway in the state. Under the statue, the police have the right to stop a motorist and write them a ticket for texting while driving as a primary offense.  Which means, texting alone is enough cause to be pulled over; no other offense need be committed.  A conviction for first offenders is a civil infraction and carries a penalty of $100 and a $200 fine for subsequent violations.

Distracted Driving Awareness Campaign. WARNING: Fatal Texting While Driving Car Accident - Realistic Distracted Driving Crash Video. This video was produced for the "Remembering Ally: Distracted Driving Awareness Campaign." The campaign was created by the Traffic Improvement Association of Michigan in memory of Ally Zimmerman, a 16-year-old Romeo High School student and Oakland County resident. Please direct all questions to Jim Santilli, Executive Director of the Traffic Improvement Association of Michigan, at (248) 334-4971 or tiami@tiami.us

Patch Requests: We frequently get asked for patches from collectors and other agencies, however, due to Homeland Security concerns, we do not sell or give away our police department patches.



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