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A&M Towing/Impound - 303 E Harrison Ave
July 12, 2014 @ 9:30 a.m.


Year / Make-Model / Vin

R2000 MAZDA  4DR JM1BJ2223Y0300093
R1999 OLDS 4DR 1G3GR62C5X4100273
R2003 FORD 4 DR 1FAFP53203A171920
R1995 MERCEDES 4DR WDBEA92E6SF327050    
R2000 DODGE PICKUP 1B7KF23W8YJ175900
R2005 CHEVY 4 DR 1G1AZ52F057612103
R1998 MERCURY 4DR 1MEFM66L4WK640078
R1992 CHEVY WGN 1GNDU06D7NT124828
R1997 JEEP WGN  1J4GZ58S7VC746338
R2001 BUICK 4DR 1G4HP54K21U235741
R2000 GMC PICKUP 1GTEK19T3YE170421
R1997 BUICK 2DR 1G4GD2213V4713569
R1990 ACURA 2DR  JH4DA9365LS069177
R2001 CHEVY 4DR 1G1ND52J016182139
R1999 FORD 4DR 1FAFP53U9XA117278
R1994 DODGE PICKUP 1B7HC16Y4RS714597
R1991 DODGE WGN 1B4GK54R5MX661211
R2000 FORD WGN 1FMZU73E5YZA11221
R2004 VOLVO 4DR YV1TH59H941378470
R1992 OLDS 2DR 1G3EZ13L3NU301854
R2002 DODGE WGN 1B4GP44302B709876
R2002 FORD 2DR  3FAFP11362R187080
R1998 FORD WGN 1FMPU18L1WLB18181
R2001 FORD WGN 1FMYU60E51UC01341
R2003 CHEVY WGN 1GNDT13S132221876    
R1993 VOLVO 4DR YV1JS8707P1105569
R2001 FORD 4DR 1FAFP55UX1G105433
R2002 CHEVY WGN 1GNDS13SX22256532
R2007 SATURN 4DR 1G8AJ55FX7Z131352
R2007 PONTIAC 4DR 1G2ZG58B074198592
R1994 MERCURY 4DR 3MARM10J8RR617704  
R1997 CHEVY WGN 1GNFK16R9VJ384305    
R2002 NISSAN 4DR JN1DA31DX2T427739
R2002 BUICK 4DR 2G4WS52J421286638
R1979 CHEVY 2DR 1Q87G9N547134
R2000 MERCURY 2DR 1ZWFT61L7Y5609283
B1999 DODGE 4DR 1B3FJ46XN631671  
B2008 DODGE 2DR 1B3LC56K68N599819
B1999 CHEVY 4DR 2G1WL52M9X9198783  
B2000 CHEVY WGN 1GNDX03E5YD329678  
B2002 PONTIAC 4DR 1G2NF52EX2M504419  
B2001 FORD WGN 1FMYU60W71UC99207


Please Read:   *** Owner/Secured Party has the right to claim their vehicle until the start of the auction***
All vehicles being sold are abandoned or accident vehicles.

*** List may change without notice***Transactions are CASH Only

Car auctions and property auctions are held periodically. You can also Check the Daily Tribune and The Royal Oak Review.

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