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Vagrants Hanging Around?

When the weather is cold, the vagrants look for a warm place to stay during the daytime hours until the shelters open at night. Please realize if they loiter in your business, you may ask them to leave. If they refuse to leave, they are now committing the crime of trespassing and you may call the police on the non-emergency line (246-3500) and ask for assistance to help remove loiterers from your place of business. These loiterers can be ticketed and/or arrested for trespassing if they refuse to leave after being asked by a representative of the business in the presence of a police officer.


A person commits the offense of loitering if he loiters, remains or wanders about in a public place for the purpose of begging.

Trespassing Ordinance

A person commits the offense of trespass if he enters or remains in or upon premises when he is not invited, licensed or otherwise privileged to do so. A person may stay on the premises unless they are asked to vacate the premises by personal communication to him by the owner of the premises or some other authorized person, or unless notice is given by posting in a conspicuous manner.

Crime Prevention Suggestions

Improve the area around your business so that it does not attract unwanted persons. Keep the area well lit with outside lighting, break down large boxes and throw them away promptly and keep bushes tightly trimmed and neat. If vagrants can’t find a place to hide that is dark they will be less likely to trespass on your property.

A Crime is Committed. . . .

The Department recommends that you avoid physical confrontations with shoplifters or other criminal offenders.

If a person is committing a crime inside your business, get the best possible description of the suspect and call the police. Then, if the suspect leaves the area, the police in the neighborhood can look for the suspect.

If the suspect is not caught but we can determine who the suspect is and you would like to prosecute this person, you will be required to testify in court about what you observed. Again, a good description of the suspect and incident are very important at this time.

If a Serious Crime Occurs That Calls for Immediate Attention,

CALL 9-1-1

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call the Community Policing/Crime Prevention office
Monday through Friday, 8am - 4pm
(248) 246-3426

Royal Oak Police Department
221 East Third Street
Royal Oak MI 48067
(248) 246-3500


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