Downtown Development Authority (DDA)

The Downtown Development Authority was formed to promote economic growth in Royal Oak's Central Business District. The Authority may levy a two-mill ad valorem tax on Central Business District properties for the purpose of financing public improvement projects. The Authority is comprised of eight to twelve members; the City Manager and seven to eleven members appointed by the City Manager with Commission approval. The Authority usually meets on the third Wednesday of each month.  DDA Meeting Schedule (link)


Downtown District and Development Area TIF Plan (Part 1 of 2) (pdf format -1,704k)
Downtown District and Development Area TIF Plan (Part 2 of 2) (pdf format -1,746k)
Signage & Wayfinding Study (2004) (pdf format - 3,403k)
Marketing Report (2005) (pdf format - 4,389k)
Parking Study (2006) (pdf format - 3,716k)
Streetscape Policy (2005) (pdf format - 65k)
Bylaws - Rules & Regulations (pdf format - 18k)
Ethics Disclosure Form (pdf format - 364k)

The Royal Oak DDA maintains a website which features business & events in downtown:

Executive Director - Timothy E Thwing
DDA members:
  Gary Baglio
  Jay Dunstan, Chairperson
  Jason Kreiger
  Donald E Johnson, City Manager
  Lori London
  Amanda Page
  Matthew Riley
  Michael Sophiea
  Anthony Yezbick


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