Actuarial Valuations

The City of Royal Oak Retirement System has an annual actuarial valuation performed. The purpose of the valuation is to determine the status and funding progress of the retirement system and evaluate a basis for the employer contribution rate for the ensuing fiscal year.
These reports are in Adobe Acrobat format and you will need the Acrobat reader to view them. You can download the Acrobat Reader free from Adobe Systems, Inc. by clicking on the button.

[file] 2015-11-30 City of Royal Oak Retiree Health Care Plan.pdf07/27/16 1:14 pm387.5 KB
[file] SAR 2015 Pension final.pdf07/25/16 4:19 pm81.49 KB
[file] 2015-06-30 City of Royal Oak Pension Actuarial Valuation.pdf03/07/16 8:27 pm389.83 KB
[file] 2014-06-30 Pension Actuarial Valuation.pdf04/06/15 9:35 am359.22 KB
[file] 2014-06-30 City of Royal Oak Retiree Health Care Plan.pdf04/06/15 9:36 am247.51 KB
[file] 2013-06-30 SAR 2013 Royal Oak FINAL.pdf03/12/14 1:18 pm79.41 KB
[file] 2013-06-30 Royal Oak Pension Actuarial Valuation.pdf01/27/14 1:47 pm378.2 KB
[file] 2006-2012 Experience Study.pdf11/06/13 5:01 pm175.93 KB
[file] 2012 Retiree Healthcare Actuarial Valuation Report.pdf09/04/13 1:19 pm646.28 KB
[file] 2012-06-30-pension-actuarial-valuation.pdf04/16/13 9:22 am278.58 KB
[file] 2011-06-30 Summary Annual Retirement System Report Year Ending June 30 2011.pdf05/23/12 4:47 pm121.48 KB
[file] 2011-06-30 Pension Actuarial Valuation.pdf03/20/12 3:14 pm276.91 KB
[file] 2010-06-30 Summary Annual Report to Members.pdf10/03/11 4:05 pm125.63 KB
[file] 2010-06-30_pension_actuarial_valuation.pdf04/05/11 9:20 am284.21 KB
[file] OPEB Actuarial Valuation Report.pdf09/29/11 5:58 pm304.93 KB
[file] 2009-06-30_pension_actuarial_valuation.pdf02/25/10 9:11 am275.58 KB
[file] 2008-06-30_actuarial.pdf02/25/10 1:37 pm194.61 KB

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