Water Quality Reports

Consumers Annual Report on Water Quality

The Consumer’s Annual Report on Water Quality shows the sources of Royal Oak’s potable water which is distributed through City water distribution system. The report also lists the results of required testing for contaminants, and contains important information about water and health. The City will notify residents immediately if there is ever any reason for concern about our water. The City publishes an updated report every year after the testing has been completed.

These reports are in Adobe Acrobat format and you will need the Acrobat reader to view them. You can download the Acrobat Reader free from Adobe Systems, Inc. by clicking on the button.
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[file] 2014 Water Quality-Royal Oak.pdf03/11/15 11:27 am1.11 MB
[file] 2013 Water Quality Report.pdf03/14/14 9:10 am77.82 KB
[file] h2oquality2012.pdf04/23/13 3:59 pm41.12 KB
[file] h2oquality2011.pdf05/10/12 8:11 am43.87 KB
[file] h2oquality2010.pdf06/03/11 11:38 am43.45 KB
[file] h2oquality2009.pdf03/30/10 2:30 pm43.38 KB
[file] h2oquality2008.pdf03/30/10 2:28 pm44.5 KB
[file] h2oquality2007.pdf03/30/10 2:30 pm43.66 KB
[file] h2oquality2006.pdf03/30/10 2:35 pm101.95 KB
[file] h2oquality2005.pdf03/30/10 2:36 pm46.39 KB
[file] h2oquality2004.pdf03/30/10 2:36 pm132.38 KB
[file] h2oquality2003.pdf03/30/10 2:37 pm42.68 KB
[file] h2oquality2002.pdf03/30/10 2:37 pm44.75 KB
[file] h2oquality2001.pdf03/30/10 2:38 pm39.75 KB
[file] h2oquality2000.pdf03/30/10 2:39 pm41.54 KB
[file] h2oquality1999.pdf03/30/10 2:40 pm42.24 KB

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