Safe Biking in Royal Oak

Sharrow ImageDrivers on Catalpa may have noticed these symbols painted on the ground as part of the recent paving improvements. These are Shared Roadway Bicycle Markings (SHARROWS) which are intended to alert other road users to expect bicyclists to occupy travel lanes, to help bicyclists position themselves away from parked cars and avoid being struck by suddenly opened car doors. These markings are also used in situations where it may not be obvious where bicyclists should be riding, such as at intersections with multiple turn lanes.

This past spring, the Royal Oak City Commission adopted Non-motorized Plan recommendations into the City’s Master Plan. Some of the adopted recommendations had to do with increasing bicycling and better defining a city wide bike routes. Recommended pedestrian and bicycle improvements are now to be included whenever a road is improved. Catalpa Drive was recently repaved this summer between Main Street and Woodward Avenue and is on the list of designated bike routes. As part of the improvements, Catalpa received upgraded ADA compliant handicap ramps at street intersections and the sharrow symbols as the road is too narrow to accommodate bike lanes and still allow on-street parking.

For the safety of on street bicyclists, drivers need to be aware that cyclists legally can ride in roadways. Bicyclists can ride on any street except for limited access freeways and any road with signs explicitly prohibiting them. Bicyclists are required to follow all traffic rules and regulations while riding in the roadway. As an added reminder, it is unlawful for cyclists to ride on public sidewalks according to the Michigan Vehicle Code.

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City Engineer
Matt Callahan


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