Do Not Knock Registry

On December 3, 2012 the Royal Oak City Commission approved an amendment to the Peddling Ordinance, whereas, the City Clerk shall establish and maintain a Do Not Knock Registry. Check the complete text of the Ordinance for any additional guidelines and information relating to the City of Royal Oak "Do Not Knock Registry", Section 526-38. Please note that the following are excluded from the Do Not Knock Ordinance: Non-profit organizations, politicians and religious organizations.
Any person in lawful possession and occupancy of any residence, house, apartment, or other dwelling within the City of Royal Oak may request that the City place and maintain his or her residence, house, apartment, or dwelling on the Do Not Knock Registry by submitting this request form.

By adding your name and address to the list, a peddler shall not knock, ring the doorbell, or otherwise call at your City of Royal Oak residence, house, apartment, or dwelling.

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